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Community Garden Meeting Notes 3/3/09
March 17, 2009, 6:55 pm
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Our last Community Garden Meeting (03/03/09) went great. The following were in attendance:

Lydia Fedulow
Barbara Jasperson
Susanne Umbenhower
Robert Saldivar
Melinda Stone
David Silver

How to improve the blog
-David Silver is proposing individual and collective blog education to improve the Garden Blog (with lessons on what makes a good blog post, when do we take pictures, etc.)
-Make the blog something interesting to read

Update on class involvements in the garden
-Eating SF Class has planted the plot between the apple tree and the potato towers
-Ecology class has planted 6 groups/12 little plots of native plants and grasses
-Graphic design class will be in charge of signs that can withstand the elements
-suggestions: light wooden frames with Plexiglas to slide signs in/out so that we can change them easily; signs on Turk to show people the location of the garden (maybe on the fence)
-Architecture class will be showing their outdoor kitchen designs to the community

Update on Plots
-Questions about individual plots:
-Do we weed it first? Read up on cover crop that fix nitrogen/give minerals to the soil.  Cut down fava beans and vetch (because nitrogen fixing module are on the roots) and either put it in the compost or cut it up and compost in place (in which case the plot will be ready in 3 weeks, which is enough time for starts).
-How many people have plots? 6, including Back to da Roots/last year’s G.P.
-Are there any spaces just sitting around? At this point no.
-Also, don’t be shy about attacking oxalis anywhere in the garden.

-Melinda said that when she visited the garden late Saturday afternoon all of the sifted compost was gone. So, we need to figure out how to work together regarding the compost, create separate compost by the plum tree or have each individual plot contribute a little money for the city compost GP receives.
-Garden Project worked hard to create compost and they need it for their beds.
-While adding compost does improve the garden overall, the individual plots will stay individual plots (meaning the compost stays there), so everybody needs to contribute so that everyone benefits.
-Maybe we need a sign to say student compost
-Input: We can set up a simple compost beyond the shed for the individual plots.  Plus people could contribute $10 to use city compost, which seems like a fair price considering that the plot itself is free.
-What would we do with the $
-Create a Garden Fund because there might be a time when we aren’t subsidized.
-To be used in the future for compost, to be self-sustainable
-Perhaps a blog post with a step-by-step how to compost with pictures.

UPDATE since meeting:
one green compost tumbler will be moved down to individual plots for compost use by those with plots.
The Garden Project at USF’s new blog is up:


join us in planting potato towers this wednesday
February 24, 2009, 1:41 am
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Join us in the garden this Wednesday from 10 am – noon as we plant potato towers! No experience necessary. Meet in the garden.